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Vehicle Repairs for Damage Caused by Wildlife Lima, OH

When people think of Ohio, they usually picture the bustling city of Cleveland and maybe the expansive shoreline of Lake Erie. Ohio actually has a lot of rural land that is home to a variety of wildlife species – most notably whitetail deer. And when we venture outside of Ohio and visit popular destinations such as northern New England, the Northwoods of Wisconsin and Minnesota, or Yellowstone National Park, we will see even more critters! Now that the spring season is here, many of these animals will be coming out of hibernation or frolicking around with their offspring. Some of these animals are rather large and can inflict some serious damage on your Honda or Toyota when they decide to jump out onto the road just as you are passing by. 

If your Honda or Toyota was involved in a collision with a deer, bear, turkey, or any other animal, come to us here at Allan Nott! Our service technicians will assess the damage as you tell the story. From there, we will explain the repairs needs and provide price quotes. Once you give us the go-ahead, we will work tirelessly to make sure your vehicle looks like new. Some services that provide include part replacements (mechanical and body), fixing the paint job, pulling out and smoothing dents, and much more. 

And if any specialty parts need to be replaced, we can either pull them from our own inventory of Honda and Toyota-certified parts or special order them straight from the OEM. 

To learn more about repairs for your Honda or Toyota after a wildlife collision, please contact us here at Allan Nott and we will get you in touch with your chosen brand’s respective service center located right here at our dealership. 



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