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Leases for Toyota and Honda Vehicles Lima, OH

Are you interested in driving a new Toyota or Honda vehicle, but hoping to find more affordable financing options or not be committed to traditional financing for several years? Here at Allan Nott, we have the perfect solution for you! Our dealership offers leasing for several Honda and Toyota models in our inventory! 

Vehicle leasing gives you the chance to drive a specific Honda or Toyota model for a certain amount of time (typically 24, 36, or 48 months) with annual mileage allowances. You make a payment each month to us for the duration of the lease – and oftentimes, these monthly payments are lower than what traditional financing allows for. 

Once the lease expires, you bring the vehicle back to us and you can choose a different model to try out. If you fell in love with the vehicle that you had been driving during your lease, you will have the opportunity to purchase it at a reduced cost! 

Great Reasons to Lease a Toyota or Honda Vehicle


Due to exaggerated (and usually untrue) rumors, many drivers are uneasy about leasing a Toyota Honda. We can assure you that leasing a Toyota or Honda is a great – and sometimes more ideal – option depending on your lifestyle. Some reasons to lease a Toyota or Honda include: 

  • Your current lifestyle requires a certain vehicle style, but you plan on making some changes in the next few years. Some examples include driving a small Toyota Corolla now and switching to the RAV4 or Highlander when you start having kids. 

  • You have a smaller budget to work with (perhaps due to a mountain of student loans or medical bills) but need a reliable vehicle. 

  • You own a business and need a vehicle for yourself or employees to use for occasional work-related travel. 

For more information about leasing a Toyota or Honda from our dealership, please contact us today! 


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