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Honda and Toyota Brake Replacements Lima, OH

Lima, OH certainly has its share of traffic, though it is not as bad as Cleveland. And while most drivers are pretty kind and friendly, once in a while you might encounter someone who cuts in front of you while you are out on the road. And of course, Ohio has a high population of deer and other wildlife that seem to enjoy crossing the road just as we are about to drive by. All those times where we need to slam on the brakes will eventually wear down those brake pads and other components to the point where it is unsafe to drive. 

You can prevent a collision from occurring by bringing your Honda or Toyota to us! Here at Allan Nott, we not only have a sales lot stocked with new Honda and Toyota models, but also an awesome service center that is ready to help you with all of your maintenance needs! 

Our service experts are extremely friendly and are more than happy to test your brakes to ensure that they are providing the proper amount of grip and performing properly. If they feel that the brakes have worn down to the point where it is unsafe to drive, they will let you know and provide quotes for replacements.  

In addition to the brake pads, the Allan Nott service technicians can check the whole braking system like the rotors and the pedals and can make repairs as needed. 

And to help you keep track of when you need to replace your brake pads, we recommend doing so every 50,000 miles, though this can vary based on how often you use and abuse those brakes. 

There are some symptoms that can help you know that it is time for a new set of brakes. These symptoms include: 

  • Taking longer to stop 

  • Vibrations or a pulsating feeling when you apply the brakes 

  • Grinding sounds when the brakes are applied 

If your Honda or Toyota is experiencing any of these symptoms, give us a call and we will help you out! 



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