2020 Honda CR-V vs 2020 Toyota RAV4

2020 Honda CR-V Exterior Driver Side Front Profile vs 2020 Toyota RAV Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

Perhaps one of the fiercest rivalries in the automotive industry today, the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 have been duking it out for a quarter century. The latter SUV was introduced in 1994 with the former being introduced one year later, and the two models have been making waves in the compact crossover class ever since. We thought we’d take a look at how they compare to one another.

These are two of the most exciting compact crossovers on the market, as each is not only wrapped in a sporty, sophisticated package but they’re packed full of incredible content inside and out. With versatile features that make sure you and your passengers are comfortable and modern technologies to make sure you’ll all enjoy every minute or hour on the road, plus plenty of convenient bonuses throughout.

2020 Honda CR-V EX


2020 Toyota RAV4 LE

190 HP Horsepower 203 HP
29 mpg Combined Fuel Efficiency 30 mpg
39.2 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 37.6 cu. ft.
Honda Sensing Standard Safety Suite Toyota Safety Sense 2.0

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A simple glance at the table above shows how similar these two crossovers truly are to one another, though each has its clear advantages. We started things off in the first row by looking at performance, an area in which the RAV4 excels by delivering an extra 13 horsepower. That’s not a huge difference in the world of power, but it is still an advantage for the RAV4 nonetheless. And, surprisingly, it doesn’t take away from the Toyota model’s fuel efficiency, as its combined rating in the second row tells us it gets an extra mile to the gallon to boot.

The third row we turned to cabin space, arguably one of the most important aspects of a utility vehicle like these two, and the CR-V turned things around in its favor by offering an extra 1.2 cubic feet of space in its cargo hold. Again, not a huge different, but an extra cubic foot and change certainly means you’ll have a bit of extra space for groceries or luggage. The final row highlights the fact that both of these great utility vehicles offer their brand’s top-of-the-line suite of driver-assistive safety technologies as standard features, which is important in this day and age!

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